Rumours about frozen withdrawals on poloniex due to hack.

Rumours have have been flying about a potential hack on poloniex which led to its markets on the platform to be frozen. Although these reports are unconfirmed. People seem to have taken it seriously.

A twitter user who goes by the handle @wuDangDan retweeted the official twitter account for poloniex which seemed to confirm this story but further investigation confirmed it to be an old twitter post from march, 2014. 

The word “hack” is always received with dread due to terrible losses Crypto users have suffered because of the activities of hackers. Although, it seems very unlikely poloniex was hacked and these rumours are basically dust, news like these are a reminder of these types of risks associated with centralised exchanges. 

Do you think trading on centralised exchanges like poloniex are worth the risk?

Editor-in-Chief @Coindaily_co and Bitcoin enthusiast